Henry Cavill And Muscletech Launch New “Strength Redefined” Campaign — Designed To Showcase The Inner Strength In All Of Us From A Global Action Star To Everyday Individuals To First Responders.

Henry Cavill And Muscletech Launch New “Strength Redefined” Campaign — Designed To Showcase The Inner Strength In All Of Us From A Global Action Star To Everyday Individuals To First Responders.

Oakville, ON (September 22, 2021) – Under the guidance and leadership of its new Chief Creative Director Henry Cavill, the internationally recognized MuscleTech brand is redefining what it means to showcase strength as a supplement company.

The new “Strength Redefined” campaign, Cavill’s first as the brand’s Chief Creative Director, will roll out on OTT (Over the Top), OOH (Out of Home), on the web and on social media beginning September 22.

The “Strength Redefined” campaign connects Cavill’s famed ability to sculpt and craft his physique for screens large and small with the accomplishments of everyday individuals, including our First Responders. Things like carrying a weighted bag transitioning to a firefighter saving someone, lifting a kettlebell evolving into a parent picking up a young child and a medicine ball throw turning into a farmer hoisting haystacks. The campaign is designed to showcase the inner-strength of all of us, whether at home, on the job, or in everyday situations. In addition to serving as one of the campaign’s stars, alongside all of us, Cavill also acts as the narrator. 

The campaign also places an emphasis on bridging the brand’s bodybuilding past with a more diverse, inclusive and optimistic future, transitioning from an entity well-known within the bodybuilding community to a brand that can excel in a supplement space now focused on healthy lifestyles, body positivity, creative formulas, dynamic mixtures, and entrepreneurial spirit. Cavill and MuscleTech have teamed up to inspire and meet the needs of everyone, from fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes training to improve their strength, endurance, and power, and to enhance their competitive edge. 

“What we wanted to do was showcase the connective tissue between how people perceive a supplement company would define strength and what those of us in the MuscleTech family believe strength is all about,” Cavill said. “The last 18 months has taught me a lot about strength. I watched admirably as people from all walks of life persisted and persevered through the enormous challenges that it presented. This campaign speaks to those examples of strength redefined”

For this project, Cavill worked with a small team of staffers from the makers of the MuscleTech brand, Iovate Health Sciences International, Inc., including its Chief Marketing Officer Jarrod Jordan, its Senior Creative Director Jaymie Bachiu and Video Director Joe Dibenedetto. The cinematic eye of cinematographer Joe De Salvo, whose work has been used in advertising by numerous Fortune 500 companies, was also involved in the project.

The campaign was filmed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in July 2021, at a retrofitted airplane factory now serving as a gym and sports complex. 

“While video calls have introduced a wonderful convenience into our lives, being on the ground with our team, including Henry, for the first time was a memorable accomplishment for us as a company during a global pandemic,” said Jordan. “Cavill’s hands-on leadership leading up to and on-set, allowed Iovate to have a dynamic in its campaigns that we’ve never had before. We’re excited for consumers to pick up on the passion and technical excellence involved in this project.”

The “Strength Redefined” purpose and campaign extend well beyond one’s personal physique and aligns with Cavill’s other passions including philanthropy, wildlife conservation and technology. As Cavill’s role evolves, he will continue to collaborate with the brand’s renowned nutritional scientists on the creation of novel products, helping to drive innovation while inspiring consumers to grow together as a community.

MuscleTech™ supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients in the world and the brand is dedicated to continuously researching, developing, patenting, producing, and globally marketing the safest, most effective diet and sports supplements to assist people in achieving their personal fitness and nutritional goals. In addition to some of the most advanced muscle and strength builders on the market, the MuscleTech brand also includes  cutting-edge multi-vitamins and recovery products.

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