I love Muscletech as it has a great taste and mixes easil in water. It has high level of protein, and low carb/fat content.

Mixability is easy either its milk or water. Taste is 10/10 all flavours.

I dont feel bloated after consuming and its very light protein. It mixes with anything and everything ( pancakes mugcakes oatmeal). The products are authentic and come withn a barcode.

Flavours aren’t too strong. Mixes easily so no hard lumps. It is easy on the stomach and feels light after consumption It doesn’t have a strong aftertaste.

Muscletech protein gives quality whey protein, align with creatine to support recovery and lean muscle growth/development along with healthy diet.

Look for the sticker

The sticker used to verify your product is found on these MuscleTech™ staples. Look for this sticker to confirm you’re buying the real deal!

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