Boost Results With These Simple Workout Tweaks

Boost Results With These Simple Workout Tweaks

Plateaus. We’ve all been at the point where we flatline in the gym and are no longer seeing results as quickly. While this can be due to a variety of factors, one of the most common reasons for a lack of continued progress is comfortability. We get too familiar with our regular routine and refuse to stray from that path.

But, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll start seeing results again with just a few tweaks to your regular exercise regimen. Here are few popular modifications that you can add to your workouts to both shock your body with something new and continue progressing toward your goals.

Drop Sets

Drop sets are among the most common modifications that you can make to break through those plateaus. They force you to max out on reps before lowering the weight, doing as many reps as you can again, then repeating this process a few times. This is often referred to as “running the rack.” This process of increased training volume will force even more blood into your muscles, leading to muscle growth and improvements in muscle endurance. It’s safe to say that drop sets help you achieve some serious pumps and muscle fatigue. Include them next time you hit the gym and start breaking through those plateaus!


Supersets are a staple in every lifter’s arsenal. Not only do they promote muscle growth and fat loss, but they’re also hugely efficient when it comes to time spent in the gym. Simply, supersets are when you combine two exercises in one full set, giving yourself little to no time between the movements. By performing back-to-back exercises, your total energy expenditure is much higher than if you were to perform the same movements separately. The great thing about supersets is that they can apply to any workout program. Whether you’re training opposite muscle groups, the same muscle group or upper/lower splits, supersets can add a whole different dimension to your program.

Switch Up Your Exercises & Training Days

Seem too simple? You’d be surprised how difficult a workout can become by just switching the day you train that muscle group or replacing one lift with another. When we’re just going through the motions each week, we know what to expect on each day in terms of what we’re training and how we’re training it.

With many muscles being the secondary muscles worked on other training days, you want to ensure that you’re giving yourself adequate rest to maximize each lift. Your training days should be strategically mapped and rotated often to keep yourself from hitting plateaus.

When it comes to the exercises themselves, simple changes such as using dumbbells instead of a cable machine, barbells as opposed to a Smith machine or an incline bench press versus a flat bench press can make a world of a difference. New angles and types of resistance can shock your body and move you past your previous plateaus. Try incorporating a variety of new exercises into your regular routines and you’ll find yourself moving closer to your goals.

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