The Glute Equation: The Formula For An Awesome Backside

The Glute Equation: The Formula For An Awesome Backside

Scrolling social media, I quickly come across people doing their “ultimate glute workout”.

Despite the abundance of glute workout programs available, many fail to deliver the desired results of larger, rounder, and proportionate glutes. Some people resort to ineffective glute exercises or even surgical procedures like Brazilian butt lifts. However, even those who achieve their desired glutes through surgery often return to the gym and continue using ineffective glute workouts. Through my experience training Bikini clients, I have discovered four fundamental movement patterns that are essential for any effective glute workout.

  1. Hip Hinge/Pull (Lower Glute) e.g., Romanian Deadlift
  2. Abduction (Upper Glute): e.g., Banded Lateral Walk)
  3. Lunge/Squat (Lower Glute): e.g., Bulgarian Split Squat
  4. Thrust/Bridge (Entire Glute): e.g., Kas Barbell Hip Thrust/Glute Bridge

In short, if we aim to achieve exceptional results by combining methodologies, it is essential that the methodologies complement each other and blend seamlessly. The objectives and rationales of each methodology should align, if not be identical. Like peanut butter and jelly, the methods and principles must work together harmoniously.

By fueling your body with the right nutrition, these glute workouts can generate sufficient mechanical and muscular tension to expedite your progress.


  1. Kas Barbell Hip Thrust: 4 sets × 10–12 reps
  2. One-and-a-Quarter Romanian Deadlift: 4 sets × 10–12 reps
  3. Glute-Focused Cable Step-Up: 3 sets × 12 left, 12 right


4a. Band Diagonal Kickback: 3 sets × 30 seconds each leg

4b. Single Leg Hamstring Curl: 3 sets × 10 left, 10 right

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